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Services & Pricing


Every wedding is unique and so is the pricing.  During your floral consultation we will learn more about your style, favorite flowers and vision for your wedding day!  From there we will create a customized floral proposal for your review which together we will continue to build on in the months leading up to your wedding.

On average wedding floral is 10%-15% of your overall wedding budget.  That being said, we've had many weddings where the percentage was much higher or much lower.  It all depends on how much impact you would like your floral decor to have.  We are very respectful of budgets and have extensive experience creating floral for the simplest of weddings to the most extravagant.

We are also BIG believers in repurposing your flowers.  Some of our favorite ways to do this are: Use arch decor on the head table, take hanging jars filled with flowers on shepherd hooks from the ceremony and repurpose as centerpieces for your reception, place large ceremony arrangements behind the cake table or head table.  

We also offer a hands-off approach as some of our brides prefer the DIY option. You provide us with a list of your floral needs and we provide you with a quote.  When the flowers arrive we will process them and store them in our coolers until you pick them up.  There is no charge for this service, aside from the cost of your floral. 

Simply stated... we adore floral design and if flowers are an important part of your wedding give us a call or e-mail us to schedule your complimentary personal design consultation!